Graduating from New York University, Brian Olliver moved to Utah’s snow-capped mountains to combine two passions, filmmaking and snowboarding. Immersed in the ski bum-lifestyle, he worked as a freelance filmmaker producing and directing action-sport videos. Brian was eventually tapped to join Fuel TV (Fox Network Group) where he continued to produce action-sport content for television while overseeing production on the network’s signature series, ‘Firsthand.’

Life after Fuel TV brought new opportunities as Brian began directing original branded content. With reverence to his roots in actions sports, Brian combined a spirited attitude with mainstream appeal, offering a unique voice to clients like Pepsico, 7Eleven, Toyota and others. Since founding DFS Films Inc., his work has appeared on Fox, NBC, Nickelodeon and countless digital platforms.

Brian has directed a number of independently produced films, including his first feature-length film, ‘Gorging,’ an award-winning documentary about the wildly-unique sport of canyoneering (featured in the movie ‘127 Hours’). Brian’s recent independent work includes production on several short documentaries which address pressing social issues.

Pepsico, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota, 7Eleven, Fuel TV

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